Disaster Relief Projects

A major portion of the work of the CSADR Committee involves the management of the SDB United Relief Fund (SDBURF). The intent of this fund is to provide relief to SDBs worldwide when calamity strikes.

Members of this committee proactively look for ways in which to serve SDBs through the distribution of SDBURF monies. When a request is made to the committee or a need is made known through the committee’s research, the CSADR Committee shall respond as quickly as possible to the need. The SDB Executive Director shall be included in all conversations and shall act on behalf of the CSADR Committee when a decision is made to execute the distribution of funds.

When funds are distributed, it is the responsibility of the CSADR Committee to ensure the funds were received and to keep a record of all distributions of the SDBURF.

It is also the responsibility of the CSADR Committee to replenish the SDBURF and to publicize needs in which the larger SDB community can assist.