CSA donated $2,000 to IHOPE for the following:

  • To bring more monetary help to some refugees from Iraq and Syria in the form of food and blankets.
  • To evaluate the school that is held in a home in Northern Lebanon and see what can we do to help refugee kids in receive a Christian education.
  • To print 5000 pamphlets of “the Baptist church that is a little different”. We printed 3000 copies that are all distributed and more are needed.
  • Preach and teach at our two fellowships in Beirut and Tripoli.
  • Do some evangelism to Muslims with my Christian brother Hussein and translate more of his book about Islam.

The following is the outcome as reported by Pastor Gabe Bejani of the Riverside Seventh Day Baptist Church.

“I am also sending you a brief praise report. God was good to us and saved our lives as we were in the camp where the explosion that killed over fifty people took place the day before it happened. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for your continued support.

Here is the report:
The missionary trip to Lebanon in November of 2015 was blessed by our Lord. My wife Hayat and me were used by God to bring some hope and share’s our Lord love to many families of refugees from Iraq and Syria in Lebanon. Our small church, and individuals from churches across our nation contributed over 12 thousand dollars in addition to support from our denomination and two churches in New Jersey and New York that supported the mission in money and prayers. Hayat and I took care of our expenses of travel which amounted to about 4 thousand dollars.
Here is what God helped us to accomplish:

  1. Three refugee camps were helped by purchasing food and blankets that were distributed to them. The camps selected were small individual camps in Northern and southern Lebanon and the Bekaa’ valley. Two of the camps were Syrian refugees and one was Christian Iraqi refugees.
  2. We partnered with an organization called Basmah and Zeitouneh which is literally translated as “smile and olive”. They want to bring a smile to refugees by giving them hope through God’s love and teach them a culture of peace to train the youth so that they will not fall victims to “Jihadist” propaganda that spreads a culture of death and hate. They also train widows to work and make a living for their families.
  3. This partnership will continue and help them expand their work among the refugees. When I will make another missionary trip this year we will help establish another center in North of Lebanon. I am hoping that some of our Christian brethren can go with me and help in the ministry.
  4. I preached two Sabbaths to our small church of twenty five in Beirut and the house church of fifteen in Northern Lebanon. My message was based on Christ’s words: ”Do not fear Little flock”. It was very well received and it encouraged our believers.
  5. Two thousand tracts of our Seventh day Baptist church were reprinted and distributed. Over five hundred were left with our believers to distribute as needed.
  6. I also helped my friend Hussein who is becoming bold in attacking Islam to be careful for his own safety and also to reach out to other Muslims with Christ’s love. The work among Muslims is slow but going on in south Lebanon and in Northern Lebanon. I am engaged with a Muslim Sheik whose brother is a convert in the church here in Riverside. We have good discussions and I share with him the good news of our Lord.
  7. Many continue to send support and I am sending the money to Lebanon by a wire transfer to Lebanon to help in the ongoing ministry.”